urn necklace

urn necklace
urn pendant
capsule pendant
pill necklace
memorial ashes necklace
capsule necklace
message necklace
capsule urn necklace
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USD 5.00

Urn Necklaces for Men and Women - Urn Pendant

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  • * Continuous use
  • * Fixed color
  • * Waterproof
  • * Pendant with the ability to open and close
  • * Stainless steel chain
  • * Fits small things
  • * With different colors
  • * Screw cap
  • * For girls and boys


What will you keep in your urn pendant?

  • - Love message
  • - Secret note
  • - Cremated ashes
  • - Congratulation
  • - Prayer
  • - Lover's hair
  • - Wishes
  • - Small pill
  • - Memorial ashes
  • - Omen
  • - Sand
  • - Pet's ashes, hair or fur
  • - the possibilities are endless


Pendant dimensions:

  • height: 38mm
  • diameter: 11mm
  • weight: 4 to 5.5 gr
  • compartment height: 24mm
  • compartment diameter: 6mm


To buy the capsule pendant necklace, send a message via Telegram or WhatsApp (+989386955922)


This urn necklace has a unique and extremely stylish design that can be matched with all kinds of styles and fashions. The pendant can be opened and closed and is one of the newest and most stylish necklaces offered. As you can see in the pictures, the pendant of this necklace is designed and made in different colors and can be used for all ages, including men and women, boys and girls. Nowadays, many accessories are attracting the attention of society people, especially young people, this necklace is one of them. The top of this capsule necklace unscrews and it has an empty tube in which very small things like paper can be placed. It is a very unique gift for others because it can be used to send a secret message or express love and interest to the desired person.

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